Economic Benefits Illustration

Economic Benefits

Buying or procuring supplies and discarding waste both weight on companies’ budgets. Being more resource efficient and extending products’ lifecycles reduces waste and saves money.

Social Benefits

By bringing businesses together, Share Peterborough facilitates conversations that lead to better relationships, increased knowledge and new opportunities.

Environmental Benefits Illustration

Environmental Benefits

In a world of finite resources, we need to think about our environmental footprint. By reducing waste and reusing products and services, we are directly contributing to the local economy and improving the environment in which our city exists.

How Does it Work?

Share Peterborough is a totally free, member only, online sharing community for Peterborough businesses. Whether you have a meeting room to spare, or you need some office chairs; as a member you can use this site to exchange products, skills, and services, and offer exclusive promotions to other members. Simply sign up here and start sharing, swapping and saving today.

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What do other businesses need?

Spare photocopiers, materials or supplies? Any hot desk space? Any mandatory training that you could open up to neighbouring businesses? Any underutilised resource may be welcomed elsewhere. Click below to view wanted listings.

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Exclusive offers

One of the many benefits of being a member means access to exclusive offers, discounts and services provided by you and other members. Click below to view or add current offers.

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List Your Business opportunities

Let other member companies be the first to hear about opportunities to tender; or seek specialist skills for offer or exchange. Click below to view or list opportunities.

About Share Peterborough

Share Peterborough is part of Circular Peterborough. An initiative being delivered by Peterborough DNA, the future cities programme for the city. This programme is delivered in joint partnership by Peterborough City Council and Opportunity Peterborough, the economic development company for the city.

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